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10 Things Every Dietetics Student Hears

Let’s face it. Having a passion for nutrition in a world of deep-fried butterĀ and snack cakes, makes you quite the target of scrutiny. As a dietetics student, you experience this scrutiny non-stop from friends and family, so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of “10 Things Every Dietetics Student Hears.”…… Continue reading 10 Things Every Dietetics Student Hears

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DICAS Application… Submitted!

Well, drum-roll… I submitted my DICAS application today! I can’t even begin to express the relief. I had stressed about DICAS ever since entering the nutrition major. Actually, I stressed about it right up to the submission step, too. However, despite the stress that this application is determining your next life choice, the process can…… Continue reading DICAS Application… Submitted!